Flipping kinetics of the water trimer on acenaphthylene: persistence of a highly dipolar ddd configuration at interstellar temperatures

M. H. Queiroz, T. V. Alves, M. F. Venancio, R. Rivelino

ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 6 2282 (2022).
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Prenol as a next-generation biofuel or additive: a comprehension of the hydrogen abstraction reactions by H-atom

J. L. Nascimento, A. S. L. Junior, T. V. Alves

J. Phys. Chem. A, 126 4791 (2022).
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Abnormal SPR-mediated photocatalytic enhancement of Ag nanocubes covered by AgCl ultra-thin layer

Y. Li, T. V. Alves, X. Liu, M. Li, C. Wang, J. Wang

Plasmonics, 17 1783 (2022).
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Conformational influence on the thermal rate constants and product distributions of 2-butanone + H abstraction reactions

M. O. Passos, T. V. Alves

Chem. Phys. Lett., 801 139723 (2022).
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